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Grenoble Isère Airport Operating Company (SEAGI) employs 52 permanent employees and over 320 additional employees during the winter season all working on site at Grenoble Isère Airport. 


The full range of airport professions

The airport focuses on all operations related to airport operations: runway, maintenance, stopovers, security management, quality, safety and company support: administration and finance, marketing, communication and human resources.

Airport staff develop skills which today make them advanced professions and well-recognised thanks to their ability to adapt to seasonality which is a key experience. 

On the same airport platform, employees have the possibility of performing other missions, during a part of their working time, for other professions such as mentoring, prevention, etc. which enable multi-skilling of employees. 


Our values

Employees of the airport are one of the strengths which VINCI Group has always promoted and striven to advance. Attentiveness, respect, promotion of expertise and security at work are all at the core of airport organisation. 


Our HR policy

Seasonal recruitment

Grenoble Airport welcomes thousands of tourists heading to winter sports resorts between December and April. This seasonal activity is highlighted through a large increase in workforce in the year and winter recruitment of fixed-term or temporary employees.

Each year, from September onwards, the airport directly recruits over 320 seasonal staff. Its direct partners are also led to employ over 70 people (security, commerce and services). 


The airport as a local stakeholder

The airport and its partners provide a solid contribution to regional employment and allows employees to gain sought skills (regulatory training: security, airport safety, runway passes). As a key local stakeholder in seasonal employment, the airport has developed strong ties with local employment agencies: employment agencies, local branches and temporary employment agencies.  


Vocational training

All airport teams are involved in meeting passenger expectations. So as to respond to this challenge, each permanent employee is a key reference in the profession so as to welcome, integrate and train temporary staff. 

The quality of training allows temporary employees to have transferrable skills and knowledge to other airport platforms in the following areas: airline assistance, baggage handler, driver, traffic agent, boarding agent, check-in crew, luggage dispute agent, sales, welcome, etc.

All of this training is complemented by security and hazardous merchandise training conducted by certified organisations. All seasonal employees also follow training in safety and security. 


Grenoble Isère Airport, a training body

As a training body certified with the Prefecture in the Rhône Alpes Region, the airport trains over 320 seasonal workers each season. 

Each temporary employee will be able to follow training prior to taking up employment and which may last to up to 65 hours, with the majority being performed internally. For Grenoble Airport this represents around 650 hours (in 2012) of training for staff prior to each season.  

Internal training represents around 2700 trainee hours (2012)


Ground staff professions

Stopover agent: Stopover agents provide information and welcome services to passengers. They are responsible for check-in, boarding and alighting. They facilitate the journey for passengers. 

Profile: good interpersonal skills, dynamism, good level of proficiency in English.

Welcome agent: Welcome agents provide information and welcome services to passengers. 

Profile: Strong proficiency in English, good interpersonal skills, dynamism.

Inspection and sorting agent (PIF): PIF agents manage passenger flows through boarding lounges and security checks.

Profile: Rigour, good proficiency in English, respect of security rules.

Traffic agent: Traffic agents coordinate all people involved in flight and ground operations during a stopover. They issue documents to the captain for all flight formalities. 

Objective: To ensure the plane leaves in a timely and safe manner.

Profile: ATPL and/or qualification in aviation.

Operations agent: The Operations agent coordinates logistics of the aircraft between flights (arrival time, parking, etc.).

Profile: Good level of proficiency in English and technical English, administrative knowhow 

Guide: Guides take passengers from the boarding lounge to the plane and from the plane to the terminal.

Profile: Outdoor work.


Runway professions

Re-fuelling agent: Re-fuelling agents refuel planes. They are responsible for distributing fuel, for receiving fuel from tankers, for quality inspection and refuelling planes. 

Profile: Stringency, respecting safety regulations.

Luggage handler: Luggage handlers are responsible for handling passenger luggage from check-in (gallery) to the plane: Loading/unloading (runway).

Profile: Outdoor work, respect of security rules.

Cleaning staff: Cleaning staff are responsible for cleaning the airplane.

Profile: Punctuality, team spirit, dynamism, adaptability.