Practical information


Tel: +33 (0)4 76 65 48 48

Fax: +33 (0)4 76 65 57 00




In the terminal building. 


Post office

Letter box, located at the entry to the terminal building. Collection at 8.30am.


Lost and found

For any luggage dispute, please contact the assistance company or airline, please complete the contact form for the airline concerned.

You can directly contact the lost and found service.

Contact: 0033 4 76 65 55 34

Opening hours: every day during the winter season from 8.00 AM to 12.00 and from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM and during flight times.

Any left behind luggage we will kept for 3 months in our offices. After this time, it will be destroyed or given to a charity organization.


Please contact the Information-Welcome desk


Free WIFI service. You just have to create an account and login.


Bureau de Change

There is no bureau de change in the airport. However, there are many banks in Grenoble city centre.


People with reduced mobility 

At the time of booking, please inform your airline at least 48 hours prior to your schedule departure of any special needs your may require so as to receive personal assistance. 


Upon arrival at the airport: Adapted services and spaces

Upon arrival at the airport, please indicate your arrival directly to the PMR (People with reduced mobility) reception area, which is located in the Departure terminal, and the agent will contact our personal assistance team. 



- 7 reserved car parking spaces, next to the terminal with call points.

- Circulation between the car park and terminal building is secure and facilitated as well as circulation within the terminal building.

 Terminal building

- Accessible counters and services: Information-Welcome desks, check-in desks, parking payment terminals, stores, cafés, bars, etc. 

- Lifts providing easy access to our 1st floor restaurant.

- Disabled toilets.

- Lowered height telephone cabins

- 12 new wheelchairs 

Pursuant to EU regulations, our staff are trained to welcome people with reduced mobility. 



- "Fast Lane" system allowing people with reduced mobility to gain priority access to boarding lounges


Call points

You can inform us of your arrival at the airport using the blue call points fitted with interphones. You will be directly connected to our welcome and personal assistance team. 

- There is a call point at the Terminal for arrivals and another in the car park

- Following your call, you will be immediately assisted by a member of staff who will come to provide assistance required


Travelling with a guide dog

Dogs are not allowed in the terminal buildings, with the exception of guide dogs accompanying any passengers with sensory or physical disabilities who can accompany the owner on board..


Please note! You should inform the airline 48 hours in advance if you wish to travel with a guide dog. For further information, please contact your airline directly.