Please note that systematic border controls have been reinstated for all flights, including those within the Schengen area.  All passengers must be in possession of a valid EU National ID card or Passport

Flight N°DestinationDepartureStatus
S5772London city 09:30
FR2139London city 09:40
BA2755London city 10:00
U28942London city 10:25
ZB7237London city 10:40
ZB1367Manchester 10:45
IZ772Tel Aviv11:00
ZB5385London city 11:50
ZB4181Manchester 12:00
ZB1371Manchester 12:00
LS836Manchester 12:30
BY4759London city 13:50
BA8613CLondon city 14:10
BA9225CLondon city 14:15
IZ774Tel Aviv15:30
BA8601CLondon city 15:30
Flight N°FromArrivalStatus
S5771London city 08:40
BA2754London city 09:00
FR2138London city 09:15
IZ771Tel Aviv09:30
ZB7236London city 09:30
ZB1366Manchester 09:35
U28941London city 09:45
ZB5384London city 10:40
ZB5384London city 10:40
ZB1370Manchester 10:50
ZB4180Manchester 11:00
LS835Manchester 11:30
BY4758London city 12:40
BA8612CLondon city 13:20
BA9224CLondon city 13:30
IZ773Tel Aviv14:00
BA8600CLondon city 14:30

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