Flight N°DestinationDepartureStatus
U28942London city 09:25
ZB7237London city 09:30
U22424London city 09:30
MT4245Birmingham09:40Take Off
ZB2621London city 09:45Take Off
EN624PLondon city 10:05
BY2647Manchester 10:30Take Off
U26104Bristol10:35Take Off
MT1469London city 10:45Take Off
FR2149London city 10:50Take Off
GM282911:20Take Off
MT2035Manchester 11:30Take Off
ZB2743Manchester 12:00Take Off
ZB2085London city 12:30Take Off
ZB5419Birmingham12:30Take Off
ZB1367Manchester 12:40Take Off
DX94313:00Take Off
396Copenhagen 13:20Take Off
SK7876Stockholm13:20Take Off
FR1997Dublin13:30Take Off
BA2755London city 14:05Take Off
BE3116Southampton14:10Take Off
HV6022Rotterdam 14:20Take Off
FR2139London city 14:30Take Off
U26998Edinburgh15:00Take Off
W61334Warsaw15:30Take Off
LS2168Manchester 15:30
ZB6487London city 15:40Take Off
ZB6259London city 15:45Take Off
ZB4183Manchester 15:55Take Off
U27358Birmingham16:15Take Off
U23182London city 16:50Take Off
U27264Liverpool 17:20
BA9258PLondon city 17:30
BY4653London city 17:40
BA2747London city 19:15
DY2901London city 19:50
U28944London city 20:55
Flight N°FromArrivalStatus
ZB2620London city 08:30Expected
ZB7236London city 08:30Expected
U28941London city 08:45
U22423London city 08:55Expected
BY2646Manchester 09:20
624London city 09:25Arrived
EN624London city 09:25
MT1468London city 09:30Expected
FR2148London city 10:10Arrived
MT2034Manchester 10:15Arrived
GM2828London city 10:40Arrived
ZB2742Manchester 11:00Arrived
ZB2084London city 11:30Arrived
ZB1366Manchester 11:40Arrived
SK7875Copenhagen 12:10Arrived
395Copenhagen 12:20Arrived
DX4301Copenhagen 12:20Arrived
BA8616CLondon city 12:25Arrived
HV6021Rotterdam 13:35Arrived
FR2138London city 13:50Arrived
ZB6486London city 14:25Arrived
LS2167Manchester 14:30
ZB6258London city 14:45Arrived
ZB4182Manchester 14:55Arrived
U28943London city 15:40Arrived
U23181London city 16:20Arrived
BY4652London city 16:30Arrived
BA2746CLondon city 16:40
U27263Liverpool 16:40Arrived
BA2746London city 18:20
DY2900London city 19:05

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