Lost and found

What is the procedure to follow for lost objects or luggage?

Lost luggage

If you have not retrieved your luggage at arrivals you will need to declare it missing with your airline company who will instigate a search.

The company or its assistant will give you a file number which you need to keep.

You will be informed as soon as your luggage is found. To keep track of your file you can contact your company’s luggage service or use its online luggage search tool.

You can go directly to lost and found.

Opening hours: every day during the winter season from 8am to midday and from 2pm to 6pm and during flights.

Lost objects

Objects found in or around the airport are taken to the information desk and held for three months on the premises from the date they are found. They will then be destroyed or given to charity.

For any object left on the aircraft please contact your airline company luggage service.

You can also contact our team by phone on +33 4 76 65 55 34 or by email (bags@grenoble-airport.com).

Claim an object


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