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Aeroclub du dauphiné


L’aéroclub du Dauphiné has more than 600 members for almost 30 planes.

The Grenoble Alpes Isère platform has four planes at its disposal (two training planes, one tourist aircraft and one mountain plane). These planes are maintained at the certified servicing unit at Versoud aeroclub.

A team of instructors offer different training courses: pilot’s licence, ‘mountain flying’ qualifications, first flight packages, discovery flights and club outings in the whole of France.

Other platforms in the club: Grenoble Le Versoud, Alpe d’Huez

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Tel. : +33 4 74 84 65 17
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Are you inquisitive, determined and already trained as a pilot… ? Grenoble Alpes Isère Regional Aeroclub, affiliated to the French Aeronautical federation (la Fédération Française Aéronautique), offers made to measure courses to (re)discover flying or for further training.

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Tel. : +33 7 86 51 39 83



Whether you wish to fly for pleasure or follow a career in the aviation industry or even become an airline pilot, Aéroformation has the structure and aerial resources to accompany you in your choice.

Come and be trained in a both professional and friendly atmosphere which will ensure your success!

Certified aeronautical training (plane) DGAC FR.ATO.0063
Private pilots: LAPL, PPL, QVN, VPRU, CBIR (SE and ME).
Professional pilots: ATPL theory, CPL, IR SE, IR ME, MEP, HPA G1000/G3000,
CRM course
Aerial jobs: Photography, aerial surveillance.

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Tel. : +33 9 51 69 42 85
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Volitude, Grenoble Alpes Isère microlight piloting centre

The Volitude professional piloting centre will help you discover ultralight aviation with gyroplanes and microlights of quality. The region is ideal for different types of flying, especially for mountain flyovers. We offer different training courses: discovery flights, microlight and gyroplane piloting, radio communications, passenger flight capacity.

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Tel. : +33 6 74 94 51 86
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Grenoble parachuting school


With the paraclub discover parachuting and freefall with a first discovery jump (tandem jumps, twin-seater with an instructor). The club offers different courses, according to your level, to improve your skills with our attentive training staff.

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Tel. : +33 6 47 74 13 68
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The Grenoble ENAC centre (National civil aviation school) is specialised in the training of student pilots, ab-initio for VFR on single-engines and further training in IFR on single-engines. It has a unique geographical situation, at the foot of the Alps, enabling the centre to train in mountain flying on grass and snow with its two Mousquetaire mountain planes.

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Contact :
Tel. : +33 74 54 69 00