Family trip

Families this way!

Traveling with your little ones made easier thanks to Familliz 

Follow our Familliz path for a more peaceful, convenient and pleasant family trip.

With Familliz, we provide you smart services at every step of your journey through the airport and up to your destination.


Peace of mind !

No stress for you at safety checkpoints thanks to a priority access for families with infants and pregnant women.

An unexpected event? We have kits of baby products available for free in case of delay or flight cancellation

A medical assistance is always present in case of emergency.


More convenient !

Menus and facilities tailored for children in our restaurants.

Take care of your little ones with serenity thanks to our nurseries


More fun !

Grab a special bag to protect your child’s favorite cuddly toys during your travel.

To make your trip more enjoyable, we organize friendly animations during all the winter season.

Have fun in our kidscorner, a playing area dedicated to children’s entertainment before boarding.


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