Hand luggage

Our advice for preparing your hand luggage

In general, all passengers – except children under the age of two – can have a piece of hand luggage. Its dimensions can vary depending on the company. Please consult the table below for the individual policies of each airline company present in Grenoble airport. (The information provided is for reference purposes only and may be liable to change without prior warning).

Companies Size in cm (handles and wheels included) - (Height x Lenght x Width) Weight in kg Additional accessories
56x45x25 10  
56x45x25 8 Handbag or laptop bag
42x32x25 10  
40x40x25 10  
55x40x23 10 Handbag, Laptop, briefcase
56x45x25 No limit  
55x40x20 10  


A handbag is considered by certain airlines as a distinct piece of hand luggage. Some will allow you to take an extra accessory into the cabin: small handbag, laptop, camera...

Garment bags are usually considered as a piece of hand luggage and must respect the size limitations.

For babies under the age of two a baggage allowance may be granted for changing bags, booster seats, pushchairs etc. Please contact your airline for details.

Please also consult the prohibited items section for the list and current legislation.

Please label your luggage carefully!

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