Travel with a pet

Taking the plane with your pet

Animal de compagnie


Taking the plane with your pet

The presence of your animal must be notified when reserving your trip. In every case it is subject to the airline’s prior agreement. Only small animals are allowed in the cabin or the hold. However, the maximum weight allowed in cabin is variable depending on the airline. Some companies do not accept any animals in the cabin, except for guide dogs which are accepted in European Union airports and third party airports with the European Union as a destination as long as the transporter is from a member state.

Animals over 5kg must travel in the hold in a cage which respects airline regulations. Warning! These cages are not on sale in the airport and must be purchased in advance.

Animal cage

Any animal (dog, cat...) travelling in the European Union with its owner must be identified, vaccinated against rabies and be the holder of a European passport supplied and completed by a vet.

In certain countries outside the European Union, your pet may be put into quarantine if it has not had a blood test before leaving showing its level of rabies antibodies.

Please consult your airline before departure.