Health formalities

Our health advice to prepare your journey

Formalités Sanitaires

Health formalities

Depending on your destination, certain vaccinations or treatments may be required or advised.

To be informed about health formalities please consult:

  • Your family doctor 
  • Your travel agent
  • Your airline company
  • The Direction Départementale aux Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales (Tel. +33 2 40 12 80 00) (regional health authority)
  • The government website

Warning! Animals are also subject to certain health requirements, for example anti-rabies vaccination for your dogs and cats. Consult our pets page

European health insurance card

If you are going on holiday to a European country, slip your European health insurance card into your luggage.

It will enable you to receive free healthcare according to the legislation of the country you are staying in.

Order your card at least 3 weeks before departure by logging on to your account. (French social security account)

Carte Européenne Assurance Maladie